Soul Music

Terry Prachett, I heart you and your dirty ole soul. Just finished the sixth book in his epic Discworld series and it did not disappoint. Prachett’s books are not formulaic, but there is a familiar rhythm to the stories; here we have musician heroes navigating the newly developed world of “Music With Rocks In,” Prachett’s take on the rock n’ roll of our own world’s 1950′s. The story is also complicated by the idea that great musicians often die young, but in this case, the granddaughter of Death himself has a bit of a crush on the particular Music With Rocks In star of this book and just won’t let him meet an untimely end that would secure his spot in the immortal musicians hall of fame, a la “The Day the Music Died”. We follow the musicians through the dark side of the music world; we watch them duck the rotten fruit and then rise to a stardom that is even more dangerous to life and limb. Along the way, Prachett provides endless laugh aloud moments on each page. Witty and wonderful, just as we knew it would be.

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