2014/04/30 10:30:00 AM Phone Call with Martin Langanke

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To Do Items

  1. Book chapter on US Perspective on Return of Results (Due: 28 August 2014)2014/04/30 10:30:00 AM Phone Call with Martin Langanke#ToDo_Entry_with_Book_chapter_on_US_Perspective_on_Return_of_Results
  2. E-mail Martin my notes from our discussion about this project (Due: 1 May 2014)2014/04/30 10:30:00 AM Phone Call with Martin Langanke#ToDo_Entry_with_E-mail_Martin_my_notes_from_our_discussion_about_this_project
  3. Short English paper on Quality of Life and Genetic Knowledge (Due: 29 May 2014)2014/04/30 10:30:00 AM Phone Call with Martin Langanke#ToDo_Entry_with_Short_English_paper_on_Quality_of_Life_and_Genetic_Knowledge
Date and Time of Meeting 2014/04/30 10:30:00 AM
Brief Meeting Summary Phone Call with Martin Langanke
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Trip to Louisville

  1. Will not take place this summer
  2. But at least Martin will travel to Louisville in October
    • Pia and Thaudy if possible
    • Martin will give 1 talk, 1 class
    • If Thauddy comes: October 20 to 24

Paper in English

  1. How to implement elements to ensure that informed consent is more about decisionmaking rather than signing a form.
  2. Focus on research and clinical perspective
  3. Address difference between freedom of choice and competent decisionmaking
  4. Practical ways of doing informed consent that is part of existing requirements
  5. It is not clear that outcomes are better if you know than if you don't know
  6. Competent decision-making may be defined as making decisions based on outcomes and how best to attain them, not on freedom of choice which is motivated by automatic values like "more information is always better"
  7. Watchful waiting
  8. I don't want to abandon you to freedom of choice, but rather to makes sure you have the resources to get where you want to go - practical reasoning
  9. Not offer of A, B, C - but addressing thinking through the implications of A, B, C
  10. Needs a doctor role, not a salesperson role
  11. Quality of life considerations in genetic decision-making
  12. Living your life so you are not always thinking about health

Book Chapter

  1. Audience is German audience
  2. 50,000 character limit
  3. Book will be peer-reviewed by editors