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To Do Items

  1. Draft e-mail for provider group (Due: 6 June 2014)2014/05/29 00:00:00#ToDo_Entry_with_Draft_e-mail_for_provider_group
Date and Time of Meeting 2014/05/29 10:30:00 AM
Brief Meeting Summary Meeting Audra on Obesity Plan for C&Y
Project(s) Discussed C&Y Merger
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  1. Labs based on symptoms
    1. Evidence review is longer term goal. Short term recommendation is to do only with symptoms
    • Vit. D
    • Liver enzymes
    • Sleep study
    • HgbA1C
    • Thyroid
  2. Universal diet and exercise screening
  3. Universal review of growth chart (discussing with family when obese/overweight)
  4. Universal goal setting for healthy lifestyle
    • Documenting goal(s) so family will have record
    • Provide resources for attaining goals
    • Follow-up on goal(s)
  5. Universal anticipatory guidance related to healthy eating and nutrition