2014/06/30 03:00:00 PM Meeting with Jan Sullivan

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To Do Items

  1. E-mail Shahid about measures at the end of the protocol (Due: 30 June 2014)2014/06/30 03:00:00 PM Meeting with Jan Sullivan#ToDo_Entry_with_E-mail_Shahid_about_measures_at_the_end_of_the_protocol
Date and Time of Meeting 2014/06/30 03:00:00 PM
Brief Meeting Summary Meeting with Jan Sullivan
Project(s) Discussed Carnosine Study
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  1. Protocol and Timeline
    • Protocol available: Currently with Sarah, likely to finish tomorrow. Need to review prior to resubmission.
  2. Meeting with Aruni (schedule conflicts)
    • Trying for week of July 21 through 25, but Jan may met with him earlier
  3. Tom Burkhead
    • Michael Myer is a summer student who will be working on building the database