2014/07/21 08:00:00 PM Meeting on "The DNA Lives On"

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Date and Time of Meeting 2014/07/21 08:00:00 PM
Brief Meeting Summary Meeting on "The DNA Lives On"
Project(s) Discussed The DNA Lives On
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  1. Saving questions to the end
  2. 10 minutes, with no questions until the end except for 5 minutes after Joann's for technical questions


  1. Joann - overview on genetic testing
  2. Doris - focus on decision about testing at end of life
    • Can draw on ethnographic interviews with patients who have had genetic testing
    • Has vignette videos showing issues
  3. Marina - focus on what happens after testing decisions - including results coming back after death
    • Patient had a genetic test, and was deceased by the time the result came back
    • Tumor testing - was found to have BRCA alteration - mosaic in germline for this mutation
  4. Kyle - ethical, societal, and policy issues