Documentation for Wiki Set-Up

From BrothersBrothers
  1. Installed Mediawiki itself from Git. Assumedly can update by running the same Git command.
  2. Installed a number of extensions with Composer. The file with these commands is composer.local.json
    • It seems important for Composer to be installed (so it will run globally), since it seems Mediawiki uses it to install some of its PHP dependencies.
    • Extensions installed via Composer can be updated by changing the version numbers in the composer.local.json file and then re-running composer on that file.
  3. Other extensions were installed by unzipping installation files into the extensions folder. Most of these tarballed files are in the mediawiki folder.
  4. LocalSettings required some revisions, including especially the way newer extensions are invoked
    • A critical point is that Semantic Mediawiki has its own unique command for being invoked
  5. Chameleon skin
    • requires Bootstrap plugin as well.
    • There is a commented-out set of commands in LocalSettings for using LESS files to mod the wiki theme. I tried a few but didn't love any of them. The theme LESS files are still in the mediawiki folder