Template:CV Event - Comprehensive

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This is the "CV Event - Comprehensive" template. It should be called in the following format:

{{CV Event - Comprehensive
|Date Updated=
|Event Section=
|Event Date=
|Event Start Date=
|Event End Date=
|Organization/Committee/Department/Journal Name=
|Expiration Date=
|Anticipated Year=
|Degree Abbreviation=
|Degree Honors=
|Major Area=
|Training Level=
|Certification Type=
|Service Type=
|Learner Type=
|Grant Status=
|Funder Grant Number=
|UofL Office of Grants Management Number=
|Grant PI=
|Grant Direct Costs=
|Grant Indirect Costs=
|Grant Percent Effort=
|Grant Percent Collaboration=
|Invited Talk Boolean=
|Conference Scope=
|Page Numbers=
|Author Role=
|JAMA Format Reference=
|Publication Type=
|Publication Status=
|Presentation Type=
|Presenter Boolean=
|Organizer Boolean=
|Also Published Location=
|Also Published Date=
|Volume Number=
|Issue Number=

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