Transition Planning: What I Do At Vanderbilt

From BrothersBrothers

Will Need "Replacement"

  1. Ethics Reviewer for BioVU Studies
  2. Clinical Ethics Consultation Services - 1 month/year
  3. CARE Team - 1-2 weeks/year
  4. Pediatric Nurse Resident Teaching (2 four-hour sessions/year)
  5. Pediatric Resident Teaching (1 one-hour lecture/year)
  6. Pediatric Critical Care Fellows Ethics Curriculum (format developing - have been doing 1 one-hour session/month)
  7. Internal Medicine Ethics and Professionalism Series (1 one-hour lecture/year, previously on PREDICT, but new speaker could do different topic)

I Will Continue

  1. Incidentalome Project
  2. "My" Completed PREDICT Focus Groups
  3. Adult and Pediatric Exit Interviews
  5. Opt-out R03

Task/Role May Not Continue

  1. Moderator for PREDICT Focus Groups (may not need focus groups again for operations questions)
  2. Pediatric Fellow Research Conference (I have previously given lecture on BioVU as research opportunity with focus on ethical dimensions)


  1. WMC - I do 2 sessions/week, but some rumors of eliminating 1 session/week from schedule
  2. CDC Grant PREDICT Ethics Advisor (0.05 FTE)
  3. Genetics, Medicine, Law Course
  4. VGER2/Patient Questionnaire Project