Extension Checklist

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Semantic Bundle

[x] DataValues [x] DataValuesCommon [x] DataValuesInterfaces [x] ParamProcessor

Others Installed on Old Version

[x] Semantic Compound Queries [x] Semantic Extra Special Properties [x] Semantic Forms [x] Semantic MediaWiki [x] Semantic Result Formats [x] Data Transfer [x] Arrays [x] Header Tabs [x] HTMLets [x] Maps [x] Page Schemas [x] XSL [x] Chameleon [x] Validator


[x] graph-viz [x] image-map [x] lingo [x] parser hooks [x] semantic cite [x] semantic breadcrumb links [x] semantic glossary [x] semantic interlanguage links [x] meta tags [x] semantic scribunto [x] phpspreadsheet [x] data types

Can I just move PHP from the old server?

[x] SearchTool [x] SearchWikipedia

Now incorporated with MediaWiki

[x ] ParserFunctions

No longer available or not sure I need

[ ] Geo [ ] Validators [ ] Semantic Watchlist [ ] Approved Revs [ ] External Data [ ] Semantic Drilldown [ ] Semantic Forms Inputs [ ] Semantic Image Input [ ] Semantic Maps [ ] Semantic Internal Objects [ ] Admin Links [ ] Replace Text [ ] AccuWeather Extension [ ] Bootstrap [ ] EmailToWiki