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Date Updated 2016/08/11
Event Section Grants and Contracts
Event Date
Event Start Date 2016/07/01
Event End Date 2017/05/31
Role/Degree Co-investigator
Title Impact of Return of Genomic Results on Health Care Providers
Organization/Committee/Department/Journal Name National Institutes of Health, National Human Genome Research Institute
Expiration Date
CVDescription [[CVDescription::In this study we will develop a survey for administration to Healthcare Providers (HCP) who are receiving genomic information as part of eMERGE Phase 3. The goals of this study are to assess the impact of disclosure of unsolicited genetic results on provider perceptions of appropriate clinical management, including both HCPs’ perceptions of clinical benefit/utility and their perception of their responsibilities in relationship to the role of other HCPs. Specifically, the domains we will study include: (1) HCPs' perception of benefit and potential use of the genetic information, (2) the impact of the mechanics of disclosure (via letter, EHR with alert, or clinical decision support [CDS]), (3) knowledge gaps/information needs of different types of HCPs, (4) perceived responsibility for care, and (5) impact on the HCP-patient interaction. The eMERGE 3 Network provides an ideal setting in which to conduct this study due to the clinical, demographic and geographic diversity of the tested population. The eMERGE 3 Network is one of the first in which unsolicited genome sequencing results will be returned to HCPs on a large scale. The differences across sites provide a unique opportunity to study the impact of disclosing genomic sequencing results in a variety of “real-world” settings. Sites within the Network are returning results to HCPs using a variety of mechanisms. In addition, the HCPs who will receive results will vary, and will include a combination of primary care providers and sub-specialists at each site. In this one year developmental period, we will focus on developing an effective survey instrument and refining the survey through cognitive interviews with HCPs like those who will ultimately respond to the survey.]]
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