Qualifying Exams - Philosophical Ethics

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Discuss the intellectual milieu which motivated Gadamer to formulate his account of practical philosophy, namely, the dialectic that he observes between science and philosophy in which philosophy “has come to need legitimation in the face of science” and the change he perceives in the meaning of “theory.”


Discuss the influence of Aristotle and Aristotelian ethics on Gadamer’s thought. Address in particular the relationship between Aristotle’s virtue of practical rationality and Gadamer’s account of practical philosophy.

Analyze Gadamer’s account of the relationship between tradition and effective history (Wirkungsgeschichte), and the relationship of these to his account of hermeneutic understanding.


Write an essay in which you critically apply Gadamer’s insights to a particular case in medical or clinical ethics.


Construct a syllabus and bibliography for a course you would be prepared to facilitate on Hermaneutics and Practical Ethics.