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|Role/Degree=Ad-hoc Reviewer
|Role/Degree=Ad-hoc Reviewer
|Organization/Committee/Department/Journal Name=Journal of Pediatrics
|Organization/Committee/Department/Journal Name=Journal of Pediatrics
|CVDescription=Manuscripts reviewed during the following years (number reviewed): 2014 (1)
|CVDescription=Manuscripts reviewed during the following years (number reviewed): 2014 (1), 2018 (1)
|Invited Talk Boolean=No
|Presenter Boolean=No
|Organizer Boolean=No

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Date Updated 2014/04/30
Event Section Editorial Work
Event Date
Event Start Date 2014/04/30
Event End Date
Role/Degree Ad-hoc Reviewer
Organization/Committee/Department/Journal Name Journal of Pediatrics
Expiration Date
CVDescription Manuscripts reviewed during the following years (number reviewed): 2014 (1), 2018 (1)
Anticipated Year
Degree Abbreviation
Degree Honors
Major Area
Training Level
Certification Type
Service Type
Learner Type
Grant Status
Funder Grant Number
UofL Office of Grants Management Number
Grant PI
Grant Direct Costs
Grant Indirect Costs
Grant Percent Effort
Grant Percent Collaboration
Invited Talk Boolean No
Conference Scope
Page Numbers
Author Role
JAMA Format Reference
Publication Type
Publication Status
Presentation Type
Presenter Boolean No
Organizer Boolean No
Also Published Location
Also Published Date
Volume Number
Issue Number