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(Gen Peds)
(Gen Peds)
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==Gen Peds==
==Gen Peds==
#Do most recent blue sheets (by 5:30pm 3/18/2010)
#Do 10 clinic notes
#Do 10 clinic notes
#Check drafts for check-up drafts from the New Year
#Check drafts for check-up drafts from the New Year

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  1. Clean out gadget cabinet
  2. Send back shoes
  3. Get eye doctor appointment
  4. Get dentist appointment

Grad School

  1. Write MacIntyre paper
  2. Finish Doing Christian Ethics from the Margins
  3. Grade Colloquy papers on Doing Christian Ethics
  4. Enter first colloquy paper grades into OAK
  5. Prepare presentation on Locke - 30min by 3/23/2010
  6. Prepare and print feedback forms for 3/19/2010


  1. Submit RoR paper to GSP
  2. Code Spanish-language interviews in Excel Spreadsheet
  3. Prepare Kansas City talk
  4. Prepare poster for PAS
  5. Write draft for Pediatric Interviews Paper
  6. Write draft for Exit Interviews and Employee Survey paper
  7. Respond to draft of RoR working group paper
  8. Submit 1600 word paper to HCR by August 15.

Gen Peds

  1. Do 10 clinic notes
  2. Check drafts for check-up drafts from the New Year
  3. Rx for 017986282